Work plan

The strategy of the project is based on (1) disciplinary and multidisciplinary research within three WPs and (2) the initiation of original links between the methods developed in a transversal WP (WP-TR) and the approaches developed in the other WPs. The organization of the project is summarized in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Organisation of the project’s WPs


WP - TR: a transdisciplinary approach for transition towards sustainability

  • Lead: CEARC, participants: all


WP - 1: Origin, maintenance and erosion of biodiversity: causes and consequences

  • Lead: ESE; participants: CEARC, OVSQ


WP - 2: Health and Environment

  • Participants: DAVID, GEOPS, LSCE, OVSQ, VIMA


WP - 3: Climate change mitigation: impacts of air quality scenarios

  • Lead LSCE (modelling group) ; participants: CEARC