The project


Adaptation to environmental changes : a multi-scale and transdisciplinary approach

Adaptation aux changements environnementaux: une approche multi-échelle et transdisciplinaire (title in French)


The ACE-ICSEN project focuses on the study of adaptation processes of living organisms, natural environments and human activities to environmental changes. The project focuses on three main environmental themes: Biodiversity loss; Environment and health; air quality scenarios and climate change. It will proactively connect and integrate scientific, economic and social issues associated with the research being conducted. Furthermore, ACE-ICSEN will develop in a proactive way transdisciplinary approaches in order to (1) address common issues between the various research axes and (2) evaluate the social and economic impact and related environmental concerns as expressed by various stakeholders. It represents an innovative and unique opportunity to further strengthen the research potential of Paris-Saclay University within the field of sustainability and environmental science. Its transdisciplinary approach makes it a unique experimental ground for the development of bespoke environmental science targeted at society in its diversity.